Texas Americans Captured in the Skyunique ufo

Ufologists are at a loss: in the sky over the city of El Paso, Texas
The United States was recorded unusual even for specialists in
alien ships and aircraft object.

Residents of this locality of America filmed
flying at great speed some mysterious “white
triangle “, and not only this unique shape is surprising, but also
its bright “lights”. In addition, the UFO moved completely
silently, that is, it was quite possible to take for extraterrestrial
aircraft. That’s just really, he does not look like a UFO,
which ufologists have in their databases.

It’s a damn thing, American researchers write.
extraterrestrial civilizations and aliens, which is not like anything
seen by us before. And because all this is not only surprising, but also in
to some extent scares. Frankly, with each
the year aliens appear on our planet more and more often
at the same time more and more surprising way – why would it? ..

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