Texas Sheriff finds out the date of the invasionaliens

О вторжении aliens, которое должно произойти в конце этого
years, began to speak in the press and the Internet more and more often. And although
as the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire, believe it with
трудом, особенно если учесть, что aliensе давно уже находятся
on Earth – and, moreover, not one of their race. At least so
say ufologists and conspiracy therapists.

Однако когда об aliensах начинают говорить представители
power, it makes you wonder, not for nothing that employees
UFOs, for example, the Chicago-based CUFOS say that
it’s one thing when a UFO is seen by an ordinary American and quite another
when a policeman writes or talks about it or
high-ranking official, politician.

В данном случае о предстоящем вторжении aliens заговорил
One of the Texas Sheriffs of the USA is Robin Duane. He reports that
столкнулся с НЛО, более того, aliensе вышли с ним на контакт и
told him the exact date when the mass invasion of them would begin
our planet. Robin Duane even assures that he managed to video
the alien ship – at the moment when they had already spoken to him and
flew away. However, immediately after this, the smartphone exploded in the hands
the sheriff, however, without causing him any injuries if
Do not count small scratches.

That is, video confirming contact with
aliensами, у Робина Дуэйна нет, боле того, он отказывается
even call the date of the alien invasion they told him.
Not by chance, psychologists found the words and actions of the sheriff inadequate
and advised him to be examined for health and
the state of his psyche.

Some ufologists were also skeptical of this message,
однако сторонники предстоящего нашествия aliens считают, что
Robin Duane could well have such a contact. Not clear of course
why he and why the aliens needed to reveal their
plans to some American sheriff? ..

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