The 8-year-old Belgian prodigy finished school andsoon go to college

8-year-old Belgian Laurent Simon from the city of Bruges became peculiar
celebrity, having finished school in a year and a half and having perfectly passed
final exams at the level of an 18-year-old. 2 months later
vacation geeks are planning to go to university. In which
Precisely, he hasn’t decided yet
European universities reported that they are ready to accept such an amazing

Today boy’s IQ is 145 points, which makes him
genius Experts predict that over the years its level
intellect will be able to improve and achieve the indicators of Albert
Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Simon tells reporters what he would like to be in the future
cosmonaut, surgeon or programmer. Favorite subject
The gifted Belgian is a mathematician, however he is also strenuously
interested in medicine and advanced digital technologies. Nearly
the child devotes all his free time to learning, reading or playing

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