The afterlife exists: the late father spentdaughter to the altar

A resident of the United Kingdom published on the Internet
a curious snapshot, which, in her opinion, is proof
the existence of the afterlife. 33-year-old Seyd Merriott is convinced
that her late father came from that world to lead her to
the altar, as he wanted in life, and often said that
it will do. Wayne Mundine, who died in 2003 from stopping
heart, they say, could not miss the most important day in his life
daughters and do not fulfill their promise.

Mysterious photograph depicts a bride during a wedding
celebrations. At first glance, this is an unremarkable simok,
However, after looking closer, you can see that Seid has
frame missing part of the right hand to the elbow. Should I say
that our heroine is by no means disabled, and with her limbs everything is
full order But why is the woman’s hand not visible in the photo?

Someone will say that all the fault of some freak defect shooting.
However, Merriott claims that the spirit of the father at that moment took
her arm, and such a contact of our and subtle worlds
manifested in the form of an anomaly in the picture. And the bride herself is not only
perfectly felt this delicate touch, but also knew that her father
tom moment was next to her and even whispered something to her on
an ear…

Interestingly, Father Seid, dying 14 years ago in a hospital,
I became friends with a young nurse who was caring for him. Hopelessly
a sick patient jokingly took a promise from his new friend,
that he marries his daughter. And now the 32-year-old Kelvin
Merriott really tied the knot with the daughter of the deceased
then men – with a pretty woman named Seyd. Newly minted
spouse supports his darling, also unconditionally believing that
that the ceremony of their marriage was attended by the deceased father of the bride.
Kelvin, of course, unlike his bride, did not feel
the presence of the spirit of the test, however, caught at that moment the excitement of his
sweetheart, and even a little surprised her sudden pallor …

In the end, in world history there are many cases where
people’s spirits returned to our sinful world in order to help loved ones or
to accomplish what they did not have time to do in life.

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