The aircraft of the Cold War photographed inthe sky

The plane, presumably during the Cold War, appeared over
the island of Sal in the Atlantic Ocean. Loving couple poisoned
recently on vacation to the Republic of Cape Verde in West Africa,
прогуливалась по скалистому побережью и неожиданно заметила в the sky
strange aircraft, like a strange airplane from the second
half of the 20th century. Travelers hurried to photograph
Mysterious UFO on smartphone camera.

When our heroes returned from vacation, they sent a picture with
unidentified flying object ufologists. Tourists claim that
this flying object did not make any sounds and quickly sped off
away, hitting the eyes of just a few eyewitnesses. Photo Authors
They say that they do not believe too much in aliens and “flying
plates ”because they concluded that this is a plane from the past or
an airplane like him. In a word, something logically explicable,
but still strange.

However, lovers do not deny that this could be something
beyond the ordinary, something supernatural. Let’s say
if there are such planes somewhere, they have long been laid up in
museums or rusting in landfills (see video below), and therefore easier
assume that this is a ghost plane that has broken into our
reality from the past. For example, in 1992 in Venezuelan
airport of Caracas flew an American charter plane «Douglas
DC-4 ”, which disappeared in 1955. And how many have sunk into oblivion in
The Bermuda Triangle …

Experts were intrigued by this mystery and began
look for the answer. What could it be: an alien ship,
drone plane or a simple insect that flew in front of
camera lens? Despite the relatively poor image quality,
ufologists have determined that we can talk about the American
strategic supersonic scout “Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird”.
The most amazing thing is that the United States Air Force actually actively used
him during the cold war with the USSR. Hence the logical
Q: Why was a military aircraft decommissioned in 1998
, flies today over Africa? Yes, silently …

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