The amazing bay of Vladivostok -�”Glass”

There are many beautiful bays in the world and simply amazing
the beauty of the beaches. Однако бухта �”Glass” Владивостока — особенная
in many respects, it is incomparably unique and besides
fantastically attractive.

You can imagine the colorful glass beach that was created
sea ​​waves from the fragments of all kinds of bottles! Here it is
�The “glass” of Vladivostok, what is its name here and the locals, and
tourists. And those who have ever visited this bay,
remember it forever and, on occasion, tries to return to this
charming glass beach. Not by chance last year
The British Daily Mail devoted a whole article to him, naming
a real phenomenon, a fabulous kaleidoscope of endless glasses,
shimmering in the sparks of the sun and diamonds sea spray.

The uniqueness and fantastic “glass”

The uniqueness of such a glass beach in the first place consists in
that he was the result of a solid waste landfill,
which originated near this bay in 1967 and, in the final
account, grew into a huge dump of 15 hectares in area.
Reclaimed this landfill only in 2011. For half a century
the history of the landfill time and the waves of the sea have done their work, turning
the shore of the bay in this colorful beach so beloved today
having a rest in the Far East.

The fantastic “glass” is that a similar
the glass beach is still in the American city of Fort Bragg, and
it arose exclusively also, that is, due to the dumping of solid
waste. But it’s not even surprising, but the fact that the dump in
Fort Bragg was reclaimed in 1967, that is, just when
Vladivostok created something similar. Like the capital of Primorsky
the edge of Russia took over from the American city baton in the creation
glass beaches through landfills. Interesting in 2011 when
Waste landfill of Vladivostok was reclaimed; nobody in
the world did not create a bottle dump near the sea coast? Baton
I think you need to pass …

Finally, by analogy with the glass beach at Fort Bragg,
�The “glass” of Vladivostok is heavily being taken away by tourists and
local handicraftsmen who make all kinds of glass
jewelry, in great demand. Americans for example
long ago banned tourists and locals from plundering their
unique glass beach that has become a landmark of the city.
What do you think, will the authorities of Vladivostok, if not even
now, in the future?

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