The amazing rodent is taking a shower, just likeperson

A weird video appeared on the World Wide Web,
showing a rat-like rodent. It is known that
The record was received at the end of last month in Peru. Strange
the animal depicted on it stands on its hind legs in the sink and
quietly smeared with soap suds, just like any of us in
shower time. By enabling the entry below, you can
See this amazing sight yourself.

A small animal is washed slowly and does not even forget
reach out to hard-to-reach places of your body. Looking at these frames,
можно подумать, что на них запечатлен person в теле грызуна.
Maybe we have proof that reincarnation is real?
If this animal is so smart that it recognizes the importance of hygiene, then in
следующей жизни он непременно родится personом. Or maybe like
supporters of reincarnation say, it’s just reborn in
зверька person, скажем, за какие-то грехи в прошлой жизни? After all
there is a testimony of a boy named dalavong (this can be
read in one of our articles), who remembers that before that
he was a snake and even told in detail how he killed him
the friend of his present father Khiev, that is, being a reptile, he
прекрасно осознавал себя — совсем как person…

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