The American captured the “demon” from the famoushorror movie

A United States resident who wishes to remain anonymous
shared with the users of the World Wide Web is very mysterious and
the sinister picture she got during the recent celebration of the Day
thanksgiving According to the puzzled American, she
then she photographed her niece at her brother’s house.

However, someone else unexpectedly imprinted on the photo.
and our heroine can not find what happened rational
explanations. In the glass of the door behind the girl clearly appeared.
dark silhouette of a man with long hair and a creepy face. The most
frightening that a woman has seen this monster before.

True, the monster appeared, fortunately, not in real life, but in
famous American horror movie “Sinister” 2012
(video below). Если верить создателям данного horror movie, речь
talking about a pagan demon named Bagul who is a devourer
human baby shower. Not a very nice character, right?

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