The American captured the mysterious light in the forest andalien paw prints on your door

A US South Carolina resident named Seamus Black claims that
On his life, perhaps, are enraged by representatives of extraterrestrial
civilization. January 12 this year, the American heard at night
strange knocking on the door of his house, as if someone was clapping on it
by hands.

Our hero, armed with a baseball bat and flashlight, carefully
I approached the door and saw on the glass its frozen three and
four-fingered prints of strange humanoid palms. According to
the master of the dwelling, he heard these ominous claps for many nights already,
however, it was only then that he dared to go to check who was always
is here in the dark and prevents him from sleeping.

The most amazing thing is that the mysterious prints were like
frozen inside the glass, and erase them was not possible.
Just wait until they melted on the open door in the heat.
houses. Puzzled by such a find, Seamus set the following
day surveillance camera on your porch and it gave an unexpected
results. In the dense forest near Black’s house
imprinted incomprehensible bright glow. American stresses
that there is neither a city, nor any structures, – only
square miles of trees. The man admits that to the depths of the soul
scared and does not know what to do now.

At first, our hero believed that he was being visited at night.
any animal like a bear, however now he is convinced that
его намерены похитить представители инопланетной civilization. AT
for the past two weeks, seamus has acquired a weapon as well
changed all windows and both entrance doors in his house to more reliable ones
calculated on the siege of home by attackers. Some ufologists,
узнавшие об этом, как и мы, из ATсемирной паутины, порекомендовали
a man quickly move to another place before it is too late.
If the aliens intend to kidnap someone, then the bullets and locks here
are useless. True, escape may not always help if
aliens have already identified the “victim”, but it is still more
a reasonable option, perhaps avoiding the abduction …

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