The American captured the snow headman in the thickets of needles

A curious video popped up on the World Wide Web.
back in July 2017 a resident of the american city of Seattle in the state
Washington. A man who wishes to remain anonymous says
that went last summer to the forest. Caught away from
civilization, our hero intuitively felt that someone was behind him
observes, and this was clearly not an animal, but an intelligent creature.
The American turned and suddenly saw someone slightly in the thickets
moving head.

According to the traveler, it was a hairy head
a humanoid creature protruding from behind coniferous trees.
The man immediately realized that there were no large monkeys in this state,
so he must have come across the yeti that interested him.
the appearance of a man in the forest. Our hero, of course, was taken aback, however
found the courage to get a smartphone out of his pocket and captured
Bigfoot on video. By enabling the entry below, you can
see a possible monster in green foliage. American long
time did not dare to post the video to the Network, but then found
cryptozoologists researching snowman and sent material
them. Experts studied the mysterious frames and came to the conclusion that they
are likely to be genuine.

Some commentators felt that this was indeed a mythical
sasquoche, and congratulated the American with the fact that he returned from the forest
unharmed (however, opinions on the aggressiveness of the Yeti are quite
contradictory). Others have decided that this is a human head.
in the mask of a monkey. Rotate such a hoax, they say, easier
simple (far from civilization – one chance out of a million, that such
joke succeed). But according to the third, it was a regular stump,
resembling a brown shaggy face from this angle: in a word, one of
paradolic illusions that skeptics explain the lion’s share
supposed supernatural phenomena. Or maybe it was at all
Not yet, but some kind of ghost or even the devil? In this world
anything can be, that’s for sure! ..

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