The American caught a fish in his ownliving room

What to do if a cataclysm rages in the city and your house is flooded?
There are not many options, but an inventive person can always
come up with something interesting.

So, the character of the video presented below decided to take up the fish
catching without going outside. American family from Houston whose
the house turned out to be in the water because of the acclaimed hurricane “Harvey”, fun
spent time hunting a river dweller
elements in her living room.

This video, which has become a real hit of the Internet, demonstrates
naked to the waist a man who comically dives the waters water in
own flooded house. From the American fleeing large fish
caught there as a result of flooding. The spouse of our hero
Viviana Saldana and their children laugh merrily, pointing her father at
movement of fishes in the room. After several unsuccessful
the man still catches the river dweller with his bare hands.
�“Why go for groceries when the food itself comes to you in
living room? ”- wrote Viviana on Facebook.

Users of social networks, video hosting and other resources
The networks unanimously praised the optimism of the Saldan family in such
hard time for him. �“This is a real husband and father. Even with such
unenviable circumstances, he makes his family laugh.
In a few years, they, remembering this hurricane, will think not
about destruction, and about this fish. God grant everyone to carry theirs
misfortune, ”writes one of the commentators on YouTube.

Recall that the losses from the record tropical cyclone “Harvey”,
crashing to southeast texas, could reach 100 billion

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