The American claims that he served 17 yearsspace, and on Mars you can breathe freely

Former US Marine using a pseudonym
Captain Kaye, claims that he served 17 years on the Red Planet,
protecting 5 human colonies from Martian life forms. Thereafter,
according to the man, he was sent to the space fleet for 3 years,
managed by an international organization called the Defense Forces
Earth. ” Together with him, citizens of many countries allegedly served
including Americans, Russians and Chinese.

Service in space

According to this individual, the main human colony
Mars is named “Eriz Prime” and is located inside a large
crater. It serves as the headquarters of the Mars Colony corporation,
engaged in the colonization of the Red Planet. Captain Kaye assures
that on the surface of Mars you can breathe freely, and the temperature there
sometimes warm enough. Former military wrote
Representatives of the ExoNews TV ufological community that studied
fly on 3 types of space fighter and 3 types
futuristic bombers.

The American also adds that his training took place on
the secret lunar base “Lunar Opereyshns Command”, on the satellite of Saturn
Titan and deep space. Captain Kaye reports that he went to
retired after 20 years of service. In honor of his departure on the moon was
held a magnificent solemn ceremony, which was attended by
many senior officials, including the then US secretary of defense
Donald Rumsfeld. Such a space service was the most honorable and

How an American fought aliens

After serving 17 of 20 years, our hero, he said, was in
the thick of the dramatic events. All combat personnel on Mars
sent to a cave to extract the mysterious
alien artifact. Captain Kaye describes that over a thousand
men and women were killed during the battle with aliens,
guarding this item. In total, they say, there are only
several dozen soldiers, including the author of this story. None
less, take possession of the artifact, or at least see it with your own eyes and
failed – the Martians were much stronger, smarter and
technologically advanced.

The alleged former military claims that on the Red Planet
there are two types of aliens, each of whom has the highest
by the intellect. Some “green men” behave enough
aggressively, others more reserved. None of them wanted
expand their possessions, but their own territory these creatures
defended to the last. Hence we can conclude that the reasons for all
wars with representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations living on the Red
planet, there was hostility of earthlings. For example, the above
the artifact served the martians as a source of energy, and they are very
got angry when our relatives wanted to take away this irreplaceable
for the alien thing. Reminds of some wars on our planet,
is not it?

Quirky American fiction or reality?

Is this story pure fiction? Quite possibly.
However, ufologists from the ExoNews TV community claim that
mysterious Captain Kaye described his space service quite
in detail, and in addition, he provided researchers with some extremely
specific information that only a military officer could know
from America. Unfortunately, ufologists can not put it in a wide
access, as it will declassify the identity of Captain Kaye.

Naturally, this whole story can be pure fiction, and under
alias Captain Kaye may be hiding some joker with
good imagination or even the real crazy. However what
if this is really true? Is it hard to believe that the strong
of this world have found a way to colonize the planets nearest to us,
We met there other life forms and, according to the good old earthly tradition,
began to attempt to exterminate the aborigines and seize them

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