The American claims to have discovered in hisbedroom spatial portal

A resident of the United States who wants to keep his name secret for now,
claims that he managed to discover true spatial
portal, and he did it right in his house over his own

Moreover, the man recorded this amazing act on video and
uploaded the video on YouTube. The whole situation looks like
fiction or fake, but our hero assures that it is clean
true, and he is amazed at his discovery no less than us.

The scientist says that he used the tonal
a generator tuned to 528 and 525 hertz, as well as
special emitter, the origin of which is American yet
refuses to disclose. It can be assumed that he invented it himself
or constructed according to someone’s drawings from the Internet (or maybe its
He was presented to aliens?). The device looks like a portable
glowing cylinder of small size. Power source judging by
everything is inside the mechanism.

By turning on the video shown below, you can see how
first a horizontal beam appears above the outlandish device,
hanging in the air separately from the radiator. Then the beam starts
resonate and gradually turns into a luminous hole. In the middle
It has a landscape with mountains, greenery and houses. According to the author
experiment, it is perhaps Sedona in Arizona where there exists
many some “funnels” connecting the city with various other
dots in space.

The prospective researcher explains:

Stargate, portal, wormhole – call it how you
whatever From this bedroom we are transferred to another state (or maybe even
another world) using a combination of two pure tones.

As you might guess, many users of the World Wide Web
did not believe in the veracity of what is shown on this record. By their
opinion, we are talking about video editing, albeit very high quality.
Say, the European Organization for Nuclear Research does not
can get at least an insignificant portal in the laboratory, and
here someone easily opens impressive wormholes in himself
houses. Such skeptics recommend the author of the video to contact CERN,
to sell your advanced technology there and end up with
a millionaire, and even a billionaire.

But on the other hand, our world is full of mysteries and secrets. Even
the assumption of one of the web users that the emitter
the aliens could give an American, not without common sense.
The most ridiculous is just the advice of some skeptics to give
this advanced technology to the leadership of CERN and become a millionaire. Oh
how many such inventors are willing to make the world happy and
become famous for themselves, was gone without a trace, do not even consider it …

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