The American mathematician has calculated when to beginnew world war

American mathematician Aaron Clauset, working in the Colorado
University, made a curious statement. According to the specialist,
he was able to calculate the approximate dates of the start of a new world war.
For a long time he analyzed historical data on international
armed clashes over the past two centuries and eventually came to
conclude that truce periods and major conflicts alternate in
history, therefore, a third world war is probably not avoided.

Aaron reports that the longer the conventional world lasts on the planet,
the more fragile it is. This is clearly visible now when
friction between different states (Russia, USA, China,
North Korea, etc.) are becoming more intense. None
less until a new major conflict between the powerful
superpowers we most likely will not live. Historical
regularities, according to mathematics, indicate that the third
The world will begin around 2150. Clause notes that
conditional peace will last for about 140 years.

In his study, the mathematician used a computer
a program that carefully calculates the frequency of wars in the world.
However, the expert notes that this is just a program, and
to predict the future, of course, she is not capable. Not out
that no world wars will ever happen at all, and humanity
will reach the so-called “new level of thinking” when he can
solve all their problems and contradictions peacefully, without resorting to
to violence.

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