The American military talked about meetings withaliens

The web is gaining popularity mysterious video, presumably
received at one of the US military bases. Unknown black
a man tells his colleagues about how his
abducted by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations, and he with his own eyes
saw three different alien races. In parallel, the soldier portrays
described on the board. Judging by the smiles of others present, they
Do not believe too much the history of your brother in arms.

The soldier reports that he was abducted at first by stunted and
большеголовыми «серыми», потом высокими «белыми» aliens и,
finally, reptiloids similar to anthropomorphic lizards. Recent
they turned out to be the real enemies of humanity, not
burdened with moral principles and compassion for people. The man
convinced that these aggressive and incredibly strong creatures can in
any moment to attack us, and therefore one should prepare for
to this.

Meanwhile, the “gray” aliens, according to our hero,
tuned to earthlings much more benevolent. Once they even
they took an american to their planet in a star system with two
suns Heavenly body, they say, turned out to be like a desert with a very
hot climate, but it could breathe ordinary air.
�“Gray” and reptilians are, according to the narrator, sworn
enemies leading a fierce struggle over many

Further, the soldier reports that the “gray” constantly abduct earthlings,
however, aliens always bring people back whole and
unscathed. Throughout human history, these creatures have changed
human DNA 68 times to accelerate our evolution, as well as
protect us from various diseases and disasters. One of these
�”Genetically modified” people, they say, were the Buddha themselves and
Jesus Christ, who later brought on a colossal spiritual world

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