The American recorded a ghost song on her smartphonegirls

A resident of the American city of Harmonyville in Pennsylvania
claims that his closest relative managed to write to
видео песню girls-призрака в собственном доме.

According to Peter Batz, his sister Corey came by night recently at
the bedroom of one of her sons and clearly heard the voice
неизвестной girls, которой там просто не могло быть. Daughters have
Corey and her husband are not, so a woman, as you might guess, is very

The American on the machine got a smartphone and began to record
happening on video. By including the video below, you
be able to hear ghostly singing with your ears. Two small
sons of spouses spent the night at this time in the house of his aunt, and husband Cory
was on a business trip. Being alone at home, a woman is not even
suspected that she would have to face the paranormal and,
Moreover, capture her voice on the gadget. Phantom baby like
reportedly sang a children’s song “London Bridge Falls”, known
since 1744. Now the mother of the family is afraid to be in her home.
alone. Her brother writes:

If you turn on the recording and listen carefully, you can
hear the girl giggle and flick three times.
The house, where it all happens, was built in 1740. Maybe this
some residual energy from former tenants? I studied in college
various sciences relating to the earth, so I know well how
there are natural phenomena. But this is beyond my comprehension.
Can anyone explain this from a rational point of view? I
I think that if devilry lives here, it can show itself
again. Sister is also considered so. She and her husband want to call
priest or medium to inspect the house and deal with
a ghost. Let it be even a sweet ghost singing songs – all
it’s still scary to be around him …

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