The American recorded the terrible roar of Bigfoot

On the Nv Tv YouTube channel dedicated to the snowman,
published another interesting video. It is alleged that some
the American captured the roar of this yeti before
run away well-out of the woods. This event occurred at
August of this year, however, the operator decided to share his find
with the World Wide Web users just now. Here is what
He attached the message to the video by sending it to cryptozoologists:

I was probably very close to
fix bigfoot on video! I followed him (or her) in
overgrown, and this creature warned me with its mighty roar. I
I plan to continue exploring this area to collect all
evidence of the presence of a snowman available to me.
I leave with the coordinates of this place in secret to
any brave souls did not come here and did not fall into the paws of the monster. I
I believe that the Yeti can be dangerous, so I’m ready to answer only
in all my life. I do not intend to disclose my name either. Need to
First, at least decently remove the Yeti, and this, as you understand now,
The task is extremely difficult. Otherwise, such videos would be no less
than videos about ufo …

On the entry below, someone’s cryptic roar begins
be heard from the mark of 2:09. At first we can assume that it is just
noise from a factory or other industrial facility however
2:23 it becomes extremely clear that this is a scream of a wild animal,
and a very large and unknown official science. Some
commentators have suggested that we are talking about a bigfoot female with
a calf that frightened away an undecided guest.

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