The American saw the ghost in the photo of his daughter

A resident of the United States claims that he accidentally discovered the present
the ghost in the picture of his daughter, made by her friend during

A man says that at the beginning of this month his daughter
went along with three friends to the beach of Natural Bridges in
Californian city of Santa Cruz. The trip was long and the weather
managed to spoil during this time. When the girls were at sea
it was already impossible to swim there, and the friends decided to at least make
a few snapshots for memory, going down the shin into the water.

Subsequently, our heroine shared with her father in that
day imagery. The other day a man decided to finally see them and
suddenly noticed something strange in one of the pictures. For three
the girls near the cliff turned out to be an incomprehensible anthropomorphic silhouette.
He could not be there because the fourth girlfriend was holding
camera. In addition, the mysterious figure behind the young American women
It looks completely black, like some kind of hole in space. One
in short, this is clearly not a man, but a mysterious ghost. For this reason
father and daughter believe that the image captured came from

By the way, holidaymakers constantly drown on the beach bridges.
There is a very rocky bottom and waves are often observed. Maybe together
with girls that day the spirit of some

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