The Americans found two wild boars on the curb, abovethat worked aliens

The most common American man in the street faced out of town with
unusual picture – two mutilated boars, lying on
on the side of the road, and rather strangely crippled: as if
some kind of omnipotent surgeon effortlessly produced over them
he needed operations to examine animals, and then just threw
used carcasses.

Here is what the witness himself says:

My wife, Tina, traveled that morning, January 2, 2018
along Moore Road in Polk City, Florida. The purpose of our trip –
search for bald eagles, which wanted to shoot. Just this
My husband had seen them a bit earlier. Soon we stopped our
a car and waited for the long-awaited birds. But
the eagles never showed up. However, we were rewarded in
That morning is no less remarkable find.

Driving along the highway a few more kilometers, we noticed on
the curb two carcasses of dead boars. And no hunter or beast
so does not hurt animals. First, their skins were removed in separate
places clearly by surgery, and very professional.
Secondly, on the road and near the animals, we did not find any
blood, although the carcass was clearly fresh – without any signs
decomposition, and therefore the blood should have been. And it was not.

I was amazed with my wife and one more circumstance: who is it
he managed to catch and jewelly kill two boars at once, having put
them side by side. To assume that the boars themselves died here, not
it turned out: the animals were cleverly gutted and abandoned, that is, the meat
their “mysterious surgeon” was clearly not required …

The Americans concluded that they worked on boars
aliens, especially since UFOs are often seen in this place.
It’s true that the witnesses themselves were never seen by the aliens.
not met, but the stories that they steal cattle, heard.
Now they witnessed with their own eyes that aliens study animals,
not only domestic but also wild …

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