The ancient inhabitants of African Tanzania portrayedon the comet stones

According to the publisher Nauka w Polsce, the Polish team
archaeologists under the direction of Maciej Gzhelchik (Jagiellon
University) discovered hundreds of rock carvings in African Tanzania
drawings made in red and white colors. And such places
over fifty found, and in each up to hundreds of similar images
various subjects.

As the scientists determined, the more ancient were the drawings
made in red paint, which is several thousand years old,
while white drawings are only a few hundred years old.

But what is surprising, says Gzhelchik, residents of Tanzania,
living in our era, very carefully treated to the rock
the creativity of their ancestors – they did not paint over the red drawings and
destroyed them, and found new platforms for their art,
thanks to which we can observe the cultural layers of different eras.

Polish archeologists were struck by one more detail: on more ancient
petroglyphs can be seen not only images of animals
or trees (mainly giraffes, elephants, baobabs), but also some
space objects, most likely, the starry sky and even flying
on it a comet. That is, the ancient inhabitants of East Africa
were interested not only in their surrounding reality, but also
often raised their heads in the sky, thinking about how it works
our universe.

By the way, drawings made with white paint, that is, more
fresh, different from the ancients in a smaller variety of topics and
compositions, these are mostly domestic scenes and the fauna surrounding people and

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