The appendix has proven to be a vital organ.

World scientists and doctors have long believed that the appendix
is useless to human body. In the United States
for some time the worm-like process of the cecum even in
without fail removed all babies along with the glands that,
ultimately led to the helplessness of such people from
influences of the external environment, why they are often sick and faster
were dying than other Americans.

However, now researchers from the same America once and for all
proved that the appendix is ​​vital to man. Specialists to
word, they suspected it before, when they began to notice that people with
cut out “unnecessary” process significantly lose their immunity,
become practically disabled compared to those who
The appendix was not cut.

It turns out that the appendix serves as a kind of “repository”
which contains in large numbers important to a person
microorganisms. These microbes are responsible for normal functioning.
the immune system, and therefore lose the appendix –
means to remain without full immunity. Also found out
that the appendix also performs digestive and endocrine
functions. As you might guess, good health after removal
such an important body should not be expected. Moreover, American
scientists recognize that the role of the glands and appendix is ​​still not completely
studied, perhaps they perform many other functions, about which
modern medicine still does not even guess.

The danger in this case are only inflammatory.
appendix processes that can lead to a known
an abdominal disease called appendicitis at worst
In this case, it can lead to peritonitis. However, far from
every person is facing such a problem and overwhelming
most people, this body remains in place. If you hold
analogy, it is often in order to save a person’s life
take away an arm or leg (in the case of gangrene, for example), but no one
it does not occur to me that these organs are considered superfluous and removed
in infancy …

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