The Argentinian has captured the dwarf in hisflat

A resident of the Argentine city of Rosario, Province of Santa Fe,
asserts that in his apartment was got like a gnome
a creature that most of the time is hiding somewhere, however
sometimes shown to the owner of the apartment on the eyes. Recently a man
even managed to capture the mythical creature on camera

The following entry shows a mysterious little
being dressed apparently in dark shorts and yellow
t-shirt. The supposed gnome is running fast across the floor,
periodically hiding behind various items like junk
buckets or stool. It seems that the creation does not want
to be filmed.

Of course, not all web users believed that
these frames captured something beyond the ordinary.
Skeptics suggest that we face a monkey, dog, chicken
or a large parrot dressed in a special outfit.

However, other World Wide Web regulars agree
that it may be some kind of not known official science being.
For example, about gnomes, elves, fairies and other little inhabitants of the Earth
(its underground world) people have known since ancient times. Yes, and today
Often the gnomes are seen by some lucky ones, especially children. So
why can’t this mysterious creature suddenly take off on
video camera? ..

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