The artist-photographer captures the “laughing faceOcean “

Famous artist Rachel Talibart, living on the south coast
England, engaged exclusively in photographing waves. Also in
a teenage Briton has formed her own philosophy,
that the oceans are rational creatures and, if desired,
a person can capture his face in the picture.

The photographer uses a special camera with a super-fast shutter
in order to catch the moment when the waves crashing on the shore and
other obstacles acquire bizarre anthropomorphic outlines.
In these silhouettes, according to our heroine, and can seem
«лицо Ocean “.

The other day, Rachel received the prestigious “Photographer of the Year” award for
A new series of their black and white shots. World Users
the cobwebs were immediately singled out among the fresh work of a talented English woman
below is a frame in which, in fact, you can
consider a mysterious face with wide open, as if in a laugh,
mouth A large wave broke during a storm on the coastal
the fence, and the spray mist formed for a split second at such
amazing unique look.

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