The asteroid Oumuamua continues to bemysterious “gift” of space

This mysterious astroid, in the form of a cigar, was seen in our
The solar system back in October last year by the Hawaiian astronomers
the observatory. Hence the strange name Oumuamua, although in
translated from Hawaiian, the word means “messenger”: true,
and such his name immediately leads to certain reflections.

The fact is that the general public is about a mysterious gift from
space learned only two months later – at the end of December 2017,
and before that, scientists of the world secretly discussed what it is, and
the main question was, as it still remains, is a comet or
artificial body? ..

Now that it’s an incomprehensible body, presumably 400 long and
40 meters wide (ten to one, to be more true,
since the exact dimensions of the asteroid have not yet been disclosed, again
it is not clear why), approached Jupiter, they set their sights on him immediately
all the largest telescopes in the world, for example, Canada-France-Hawaii,
NASA / ESA Hubble, South Gemini, Large ESO. Thanks to this was
Many photographs have been obtained, from which experts have taken
pretty impressive animation (see video).

Asteroid “Oumuamua” increases speed

The version that the asteroid Oumuamua can be a man-made creation
(it was even considered by NASA staff), officially rejected,
however, the arguments advanced by academic science in the form
evidence that the “Messenger” is just a “boulder”
they look, to put it mildly, thin, and here’s why:

  • �”The Messenger” is constantly increasing speed (he entered the Solar
    system at a speed of 95 thousand kilometers per hour, and now it
    is already 114 thousand). NASA employees blame it on
    thereto comet gases that give the body an acceleration, but neither
    one of the world’s telescopes for some reason did not find them. Besides
    Oumuamua rotates suspiciously in three planes, and its orbit is not
    fits into the estimated;
  • then scientists suggested that the effect could be to blame
    Yarkovsky (acceleration of the cosmic body appears due to thermal
    radiation from periodic heating and cooling of the surface
    asteroid). However, the behavior of the “Messenger”, as defined
    independent researchers do not fit into these formulas;
  • now NASA claims that Oumuamua is just an unusual comet,
    firing pellets of ice, which give it acceleration.

Of course, despite all the attraction for the official
arguments, it was possible to agree with them, if the same employees
NASA introduced independent researchers to data not only in
optical, but also in the infrared spectrum, the parameters of the mysterious
asteroid by radio emission, radiation and so on. The fact that
�”The Messenger” is like a huge boulder, still does not say anything,
say the same conspiracy theologians, for example, our Moon also looks like
The usual satellite of the Earth, although still no one from the orthodox
scientists have not refuted the indisputable arguments of its artificiality.

Recall that scientists last year stated that the “Messenger”
flew to us from the constellation Lyra, and specifically from the star Vega. But
in this case, independent astronomers, Oumuamua, say
show the most basic calculations, made a huge hook,
before you get into the solar system, which is explainable only
if it is a man-made spacecraft, but not

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