The asteroid Oumuamua mysteriously disappeared

Pro asteroid Oumuamoua (c Hawaiian – Messenger), discovered in
last year by Hawaiian astronomers, goes around a lot of interesting
hypotheses, both scientific and ufological. Why on the web
Internet, including on our site, there are intriguing materials
about this cosmic mystery.

For example, scientists discovered it in October 2017, and reported
about this general public only at the end of December, since not
could understand what it is and where it came from in our
Solar system?

Surprises researchers in this cosmic body a lot: it is
its characteristics look like a comet, then an asteroid; him
размеры словно «плавают», отчhim даже в официальных источниках,
for example, NASA, are called one or the other (say, a length of 180
up to 800 meters); the object flies at a constantly changing speed
as if he controls them.

К тому же добавьте him форму в виде сигары — и вот вам
�“Long-awaited spaceship”, allegedly flown to us from
constellation Lyra.

But for now, scientists and ufologists have been arguing in “convincing arguments”
a comet, an asteroid or is it a man-made object, Oumuamua
took … and disappeared.

At least it follows from the site report.
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics United States
America, according to which, on October 19, astronomers did not find
Oumuamua where it should be, according to calculations.

Maybe the calculations were not entirely accurate? However scientists 30 hours
spent on it to find this “space loss” by connecting to
this is not only the brightest heads, but also infrared
Spitzer telescope, IRAC cameras and many other tools.
Mysterious asteroid, a comet or, after all, an alien ship – like
evaporated, leaving no trace of dust and gas.

Based on this, scientists have made the most “correct conclusion” – this
there was still an asteroid, otherwise the object, having retired on too
огромное расстояние, отчhim him не смогли обнаружить земные
telescopes, would leave some traces, be a comet …

For the most impressionable users of the Internet
astronomers left a small registry that Oumuamua remains
space mystery, which in the universe are countless,
but because such surprises will constantly excite the minds
of humanity …

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