The astronomer found the locations used forShooting “NASA moon missions”

British astronomer David Bryant has long collected evidence
that the so-called NASA “moon missions” are
by a hoax and that all these “moon odyssey” were filmed on

At one time, a specialist interviewed 14 astronauts, allegedly
participated in the Apollo space program in 1963-1972, and
determined that the readings of the intended astronomers
regarding the journey to the moon differ greatly in details,
do not coincide in detail, that is, these people simply lie. Now
the same stubborn researcher claims to have found top secret
locations where the Americans shot their epoch-making “moonlight”.

David is confident that a high hill near Mauna Kea volcano on
Hawaii from a certain angle suspiciously resembles one of
Taurus Mountains in the lunar valley of the Taurus-Littrov, which can be seen
on NASA’s 1972 video. Yes, he is, convinces Bryant! BUT
a huge funnel in the Groom Lake salt marsh in southern Nevada,
remaining after testing a nuclear weapon, looks exactly
as one of the lunar craters on the famous record. According to
British, these objects were filmed by cameramen, secretly hired
with the US National Space Agency, with a few
other angles, however, the visual similarity of terrestrial reliefs with those
that they were supposedly captured on the natural satellite of our planet,

Bryant goes further, suggesting that Americans could
actually make one flight to the moon, however they collided there
with aliens who forbade earthlings to return to
Selene. Тогда НBUTСBUT и пришлось прибегать к этой неумелой
hoaxes According to the astronomer, both American and Soviet
scientists knew full well that the moon is inhabited by sensible
creatures, but the United States still went there. the USSR�
same, they say, was smarter and did not send their astronauts to such
risky mission. How true are these guesses, to the British
to be determined, that is, to find additional
proof of.

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