The attraction of fear in Los Angeles

Tourists are lured in many ways, and increasingly popular in
Lately, games on a person’s fear of height are becoming.
Not by chance in China, like mushrooms after summer rain, grow
all kinds of glass bridges and mountain roads, even with effect
cracking glass under the feet of pedestrians.

There is still a fear swing on the edge of the roof
22-storey building (Amsterdam), and the most terrible swing over the abyss, not
looking at their unofficial status (there is a ban from
Oahu Island authorities of the Hawaiian archipelago climb to them by
Haiku stairs), invariably attract thousands of tourists here,
wishing to get adrenaline rush.

The authorities in Los Angeles also came up with something unusual in this regard:
for fans to tickle your nerves here set attraction
�“Sky descent” or in English – “SkySlide”. It seems everything is very
just – a person is given the opportunity to experience a fall from the 70-story
skyscraper. For this tourist on this dizzying height
just sits on a glass slide and rolls over it on
observation deck, which is located on the floor below. Takes it
just a few seconds, however, as they say, participants
�”SkySlide”, it creates the full feeling that you are falling from this
dizzying heights, but because already the heart stops.

Anyone can go down the glass chute
the thickness of the transparent material is 3.2 centimeters, and this
very durable and plastic “glass” that guarantees everyone
even a very heavy man, almost one hundred percent safety.
Why – “almost”? Yes, because the attraction does not guarantee that
man’s heart doesn’t stop fear
weakness of the heart before being sent on such a dangerous “journey” is not

Fortunately, there were no similar precedents, but … anything can
to be, especially since the attraction is still relatively young. True,
wanting to tickle your nerves, feeling simultaneously indescribable
fear and matchless thrill, a great many. And the number of them
day by day everything is increasing …

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