The bed of a man and a primate – the differenceawesome

We do not want to compare such beds at the convenience and
comfort, then you can still argue, especially if I was
the ability to connect to this dialogue not only a person, but also
monkeys. The question is different – the purity of such beds from germs and

For example, a person’s bed, especially neatly made,
literally teeming (well at least that we do not see it) from different
kind of microbes, microscopic mites and other parasites, which
many millions can accumulate here
undermines our health.

But the primates, which are very similar to us (gorillas,
orangutans, chimpanzees, bonobos, gibbons), as established
researchers at North Carolina State University (place
conducting research – the tropical forests of Tanzania) are building
bed bed (original tree nests) of leaves and branches
exclusively on every night. And in such a “bed” there is not only
microbes and ticks, scientists have not even found here fleas and lice, which
really wanted to see (literally were sure to find

Of course, primates don’t think about their health at all when
arrange such “clean sweating” for themselves. As the scientists explain, this
necessary practice that allows animals to minimize
Odors that attract predators – an evolutionary advantage of primates
before the other wildlife.

Does the discovery of scientists at North Carolina State University
practical for man? Of course. According to themselves
researchers, a person can easily learn from our brothers
Smaller experience to arrange for every night a fresh bed. For this,
for example, it is enough to hang out sheets, duvet covers, pillowcases
after sleeping in the fresh air, best of all – in the sun. It’s fast
kills in bedclothes any microbes and microscopic
parasites, if any. And do not be afraid that
all this is troublesome and most often impossible every day.
Strive at least for this, so that your bed is clean from
all sorts of pests correlated with a bed of chimps or
orangutan …

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