The best friends of 60 years did not suspect thatare blood brothers

Relatives, as you know, do not choose, but friends –
you are welcome. But imagine the shock if it suddenly turns out that your
Your dearest and closest friend is also your own
brother 72-year-old Alan Robinson and 74-year-old Walter Macfarlane,
living on the island of oahu in the us state of hawaii made
recently such an incredible discovery and solemnly told about him
to their families last catholic christmas. Retired,
Friends for the past 60 years, turned out to be blood brothers to his mother. By
According to men, this is the best Christmas gift that they
ever received.

Alan is younger than Walter for 2 years. At 12 years old and 14 years old
respectively the Americans met in high school and soon
have become inseparable friends. The boys spent time together
changes and free time from school, enrolled in one
football section and became frequent guests in each other’s houses. With
surrounding people often noticed that young friends were very similar
on a friend: they had not only similar appearance, but also had
the same hobbies and even sought the attention of the same
girls. At the same time, unfamiliar people always took teenagers for

Robinson was a foster child and grew up in a strange family, and Macfarlane
He lived with his native matter, but he never saw his father. Both
Hawaiian dreamed of ever finding their lost relatives: one
– father, the other – biological parents. With the development of technology
chances to do it all increased. Recently, retirees turned to
A new company that performs DNA analysis and matches
impressive database. Alan and Walter did not find their fathers.
But MacFarlane’s mother, as it turned out suddenly, was also
the biological mother of Robinson. Pity that woman has long been
has died. However, otherwise she would have to explain to her
unexpectedly found scion, why did she leave him in
maternity hospital …

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