The best viewer homebrew magician -child and internet user

This is what the funny video showed, which, not
looking at all his naivety, for some reason caused a wide resonance
first in the social networks of China, and then with the same success
demonstrated a triumphal march across the web.

This video, first published on Weibo on June 3
years, initially attracted the attention of Chinese housewives and young
mother, apparently having touched their deepest desires to do something
like that

We see on the video, as a Chinese woman (homegrown magician)
plays his baby, showing him focus
�”Teleportation”. Little boy watching his mother in
blink of an eye disappears from the field of view, apparently, not on
scared of a joke, and then genuinely rushes to look for the missing
mummy This is what touched a large army of users.
The Internet.

As many users have noticed, everyone can dream of such a viewer.
magician. And in this case, the mother from the Middle Kingdom did not even have to
put special effort to come up and demonstrate
�”Teleportation”. The main thing is that this toddler was so easy to fool
and even frighten by the fact that his beloved mother literally evaporated in
the air. But maybe she will come back? ..

True, homegrown tricks do not always work out so well even
have very “witty” Chinese. Do not believe? Then look the next
video story. The most interesting thing is that, despite the failure of this
focus, the video still became online on the Internet virus. But
why, you will understand after viewing …

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