The Big Red Spot will soon disappear withJupiter

The Big Red Spot is the largest
atmospheric vortex found in the solar system. Scientists are watching
for the BKP for several centuries and notice how the whirlwind changes its
sizes and shades.

The Big Red Spot has such huge dimensions that in
it will easily fit our Earth (see illustration below).
The length of the gas vortex is 40-50 thousand kilometers, width –
more than 13 thousand. Высота БTOП над поверхностью Jupiter равняется
approximately 16.5 thousand kilometers. Wind speed inside tornado
exceeds 500 kilometers per hour.

In July last goal, the American spacecraft “Juno”
flew a record short distance to the Great Red Spot and
got awesome shots of a monstrous atmospheric vortex. TO
unfortunately they may be the last photos of this
alien wonder of nature. БTOП, существующее по некоторым оценкам
from the 1600s, it is very likely to disappear soon. Earlier
scientists assumed that it would live forever. TO этому
There were compelling reasons. The fact is that the hot gases of Jupiter
atmospheres constantly feed a colossal whirl, thanks to which
it could exist in theory as long as it exists
the atmosphere of the largest planet in the solar system.

Тем не менее, сейчас выяснилось, что Большое TOрасное Пятно
rapidly decreasing in size. 150 years ago the dimensions of a tornado
more than 4 times the size of the Earth, but now the width
Jupiterian vortex is gradually approaching the diameter of our
�”Blue ball”. TOроме того, раньше БTOП постоянно находилось в
movement around the equator of this huge planet, and now it’s just
stands still. According to experts, already for 10-20
In the coming years, the whirlwind will take on a round shape, and then completely sink
on the fly. После исчезновения Большого TOрасного Пятна Юпитер
turn into a planet without zest. However, this is not entirely true:
reality on this planet all sorts of mysteries and mysterious
there are plenty of phenomena, another thing is to watch them as
БTOП, нам, землянам, значительно труднее…

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