The bird flies on the moon – a paradox, and yesonly!

This note can quite begin with the words of the famous fable
I.Krylova, “how many times did they say to the world”, only continue further
its modern key, namely – the Americans never flew
The moon, and the mass of evidence about which for some reason the whole official
planets (from eminent scientists and to governments) modestly
keep quiet

Here are just independent researchers continue to dig under NASA,
proving that the US space agency never
sent astronauts to the moon, and all the footage of the alleged stay there
people, pure water is a lie.

Recently, another such proof has surfaced. Video author
Chad H. showed off a single documentary cut
NASA on the alleged presence of American astronauts on the moon.
Surely, this movie was watched by many, and more than once, but only
an experienced view of the conspiracy therapist was able to notice some anomaly on
this video. In a strange object that flies in the background
(see video below), waving quite clearly visible
wings are a bird!

But can a bird fly on the moon? This is absurd! Turns out like
Conspiracy therapists of all stripes have long been saying that all these records are
brazen deception by nasa and the american government which
in the space race with the Soviet Union went just forgery. Yes and
not only on him, as many other falsifications with
space launches of US missiles.

Everything seems clear – there were no Americans on any Moon, and all
these recordings are staged in some desert state
Arizona. But there remains the unresolved issue with which we started this
note: why all the governments of the world, including the USSR, are
moment and still (this also applies to scientists) keep quiet about this
adventure XX century? Are the supporters of the flat earth theory right?
matrix theories, world conspiracy theories? After all, only this can
explain this mystery, like many other similar, occurring
in our amazing world. In that physical reality, oh
which tell us tales from childhood to death, we
live with you? ..

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