The black-eyed hunter assures: hemanaged to remove one of them

American researcher of such a mysterious phenomenon as children
with black eyes, says that he was able to take on the video of one of
of them.

Researchers of paranormal phenomena have long been interested in these
creepy creatures that pretend to be children, but their
extraterrestrial essence give eyes – black as coal, without a pupil and
proteins. For the first time these nightmarish monsters appeared in the early nineties
years of the last century in the United States, although perhaps this is paranormal
the phenomenon has a more ancient history, just about the nineties
They first began to write the press, and then they picked up this topic
various Internet resources.

Who are these children with black eyes, no one knows. Some
researchers paranormalschiny suggest that they may be
ghosts or evil spirits, others are sure that these are some
species of vampires, ufologists tend to believe that
disguised aliens. Who is right, prove practically
impossible, because in different stories children with coal eyes
behave differently, but they always know how to scare a person and
then literally dissolve in the air.

Cases when children with black eyes hurt someone
or even scared to death, not seen, but in our world
Every year tens of millions of people disappear without a trace, therefore in
among these missing may well be the victims of monsters with black

An American researcher who wanted to stay incognito,
For several years now, hunting for these mysterious creatures. AT
There are several videos on YouTube on the web
which he narrates how he conducts this dangerous, in general,
experiment, setting up in his home all sorts of traps on these

AT какой-то момент американец обнаружил и даже сумел записать
strange low frequency signal that was accompanied by the appearance
детей с угольными eyes. Given the idea of ​​not only seeing, but also
record it all on video, the researcher lured for several nights
creepy monsters with this low frequency signal. And his efforts
crowned with success. On the fifth night, a teenage girl with black
his eyes and long black hair appeared at the front door of his
at home and was caught by a surveillance camera.

As the American says, she stood on the porch, judging by the record
tracking cameras, almost an hour, and then disappeared – dissolved in
the air.

ATидеоролик анонимного американского исследователя подвергался
careful analysis of professionals, because a lot of it in them
it seemed just staged and professionally
mounted However, footage of a teenage girl who fell for
The fifth day in the American video trap, many experts recognized
real. AT любом случае это лишь доказывает и до того известные
The fact that children with black eyes are not urban legends, but really
existing anomalies. In this case, it remains a mystery, but what is it
for monsters and whether they pose a real danger to

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