The black ring in the sky has now appeared aboveBy china

Strange black rings, like smoke, already three years old, like
appear in one place, in another corner of our planet (most often in
Europe), causing close attention to ufologists and other
researchers paranormalschiny, and puzzling
scientists who still cannot explain this natural (with their
point of view) phenomenon.

The other day such a smoky ring appeared in the sky over the city
Dalian PRC, just above the Dalianwan Bay of the Liaodong Peninsula,
most frightening and surprising (as someone) having a rest on the beach of Jinsitan. AT
this time (watch the video), the mysterious ring moved slowly
along the coastline. ATот что говорит об этом один из свидетелей
�”Heavenly miracle” Jing Qi:

The formation is rather strange and even mystical,
not at all natural, someone or something is behind his appearance over
by the beach. ATедь по мере приближения к отдыхающим на берегу моря,
the ring suddenly increased in size, thereby allowing
admire and remove it in all its glory, and then changed its
oval shape on the angular parallelogram and … disappeared. Fantasy
and only …

Since the black ring in the sky was shot by many vacationers on the beach
on that day, a few
videos highlighting this extraordinary event. Opinions
users on this account are divided. Some believe this
some super-modern visual effects, others saw in
the smoky circle of migrating insects, but the Chinese ufologists
sure that this miracle is the work of aliens. Scientists, as always,
remain silent: there is nothing to say to them …

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