The black sun over Canada puzzled even scientists.Legendary Nibiru finally revealed itself?

In early October, a Canadian accidentally photographed “black
the sun”. As the author of this unique picture assures, visually he
did not notice a single anomaly in the sky and actually shot just
beautiful sunset.

However, later, looking at the pictures taken on the computer
the man saw this strange anomaly in one of the photos, very
I was surprised and hurried to share the rare picture I received with
Internet users. Here is what he said:

It happened on Prince Edward Island. It is generally very
beautiful sunsets and sunrises, so remove the mystery of the clouds in
evening time is a pleasure, and sometimes, with success
the resulting picture, the feeling of some kind of painful tale
persists for many years. I did not think at that moment that I
manages to “catch” something unusual in the sky, for example, a UFO. And here
запечатлелось даже большее — «черное the sun”. By the way, I don’t
noticed in the sky …

Internet users immediately began to discuss this strange
heavenly anomaly over Canada. Some have recalled recent flashes.
on the sun and tried to somehow connect it with them. Others said
that the mysterious “black sun” may not be a star at all, but
mysterious planet Nibiru, which is how many years waiting
conspiracy and amateur astronomers.

Planet X may not be as simple as we do.
represent, for example, it is in parallel from us
reality, but because it still no one sees in the solar
system, although it has long been here, as argued by supporters
theory of its influence on the life cycles of the Earth. Canadian photographer
just lucky enough to catch the moment when the mysterious
the planet has manifested itself somewhat in the sky – imperceptible to the eyes,
but not for the camera.

And only skeptics were not impressed by this photo, because
there is one and the same argument for all occasions – this is a defect
shooting or just fake. Even some scientists are interested
a snapshot of a Canadian, although he put forward more “mundane” versions
for example, optical illusion. In any case, they say, this
an interesting phenomenon, it is a pity to study it is not enough data: one
photography is too small to make even some scientific
assumptions, hence all sorts of magnificent things flourish
mystical unscientific findings of paranormal researchers …

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