The blue lake monster spotted in NorthCaroline

Gaston County, North Carolina, USA
the other day something strange, not escaped from eyewitnesses. On
local lake Gaston Lake seemed large during the daytime
a bright blue creature that made the witnesses open their mouths
from amazement.

Video footage of this amazing webpage
case immediately attracted the attention of numerous cryptozoologists and
conspiracy theorists who have begun to build various theories regarding
the nature of this creature.

Obviously, the mysterious waterfowl is like
half meter fish of incredible colors. Some believe that
the lake just wound up a terrible mutant: in our age of continuous chemistry and
Uncontrolled genetic engineering is quite supposedly happen.
For others, it’s just a dead peacock, though
making sure is not so easy. Still others push
assumption that this is a robot toy created by someone, with the help of
who played onlookers strolling by the lake.

Onконец, более глубокомыслящие пользователи Интернета
suggest that on the surface of Gaston Lake did not seem
famous science official fish or some mysterious
a river animal, perhaps appearing here from a parallel world.
And why not to allow this? After all, here in Loch Ness
a monster periodically appears, and from nowhere, and how
worse than the Scottish reservoir American Gaston Lake? ..

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