The bottom of the oceans can seriously sakebecause of global warming

Greenhouse effect, which is currently melting ice
According to scientists, the Arctic and Antarctic are not only
the warming of the climate that naive ones are waiting for
Americans, all this can turn into big problems and even
global catastrophes. For example, none of the researchers before
Of late, I have not particularly thought about the fact that
the increasing amount of ocean water due to melting ice can
lead not only to rising sea levels, but also affect
on its bottom, which literally begins to subside.

Because of this, for example, even measure the water level in the World
Ocean is becoming increasingly difficult today. Satellite
�“Arrogance” for this reason do not notice the difference in measurements, although
in fact, it is available. It still does not affect people’s lives,
However, scientists believe that such a phenomenon should soon
globally reflect on the planetary level.

Recall that earlier the water level was elementarily measured with
using a device such as a tide meter. In addition, satellites with
using old tested sensors easily determined the water level
World Ocean. Now everything is changing, and therefore ocean scientists
have to adapt to new conditions.

In their opinion, the rate of subsidence of the ocean floor while
not large, not more than 0.1 millimeter per year, but since 1993 the World
the ocean has become deeper by at least 3 millimeters, and at the last
time the intensity of this process increases. And although the numbers seem
small, in fact on a global scale it is huge
changes that can affect the life of the oceans,
for example, change the sea currents, and therefore on the life of the whole Earth

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