The boy lights the LED lampshand touch

Abu Tahir, 9, from the Indian city of Alleppey, Kerala
first surprised others, then Internet users, when
discovered an unusual ability. Apparently, this student
can light up LED bulbs only by touching them
electrical contacts with any part of your body.

By including the video below, which has become in recent
a few days a little sensation on the world wide web you can
see this amazing action with your own eyes.

It is reported that the boy accidentally found out about his mysterious
abilities just recently. His father Nizar, who works, to
the word electrician decided to change incandescent bulbs in the house to
modern LED and purchased in the store a few pieces on
trial The man asked his son to give him one of the light bulbs he bought,
and an artificial light source suddenly caught fire in the hand
teenager. Aunt Abu was so impressed with this that right there
I recorded my nephew on the camera of the smartphone and uploaded the received video
to the network. It is surprising that ordinary lamps do not have this effect in
in the hands of this little phenomenon, like LED lights.

Reporters confirmed: the boy is really able to light
LED bulbs

Soon the family was approached by journalists, who carefully
they checked the strange story and determined that it was no focus.
LED bulbs really light up if their sockets
touch the skin of the student. Tahir is not too happy for such attention.
to himself and tries to interact with newspaper people as seldom as possible –
he is simply afraid of them. However, the boy became real
a celebrity among his fellow countrymen who constantly ask him
demonstrate this amazing gift. Superstitious Indians believe
that this is a true divine miracle itself, however many
World Wide Web regulars prefer to refer to such
news with suspicion.

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