The boy photographed the horn of the Loch Nessmonsters

9-year-old Sam Knight recently sailed with his mother
The famous Loch Ness in Scotland. Being on a pleasure
boat, he took many pictures of the reservoir. When a woman
subsequently looked through the photos received by her son, she was surprised
I found something strange on one frame. I leaned out of the water
someone’s dark sharp horn. The woman and the author of the photo itself suggest
that it could be the legendary Loch Ness monster.

And although many users of the World Wide Web found that the young
Briton captured in the picture only a bizarre wave,
Scottish experts seriously studying Nessie, officially
recognized this photo as the eighth one for the current year
material depicting a mysterious monster. This, by the way,
a record annual figure for the last century. More often
well-known cryptide photographed 2-3 times a year, and sometimes he
and not at all shown to witnesses for at least 12

The mysterious image was reportedly obtained in
deep bay arkart. Little Sam so wanted to shoot
the supposed relic plesiosaur that made that day
several hundred shots and even took a coil of rope with him in order to
the case of which to capture the elusive cryptide – excusable naivety
baby It remains to hope that in the presented image in
in fact, Nessie, or rather her big menacing horn, appeared.
It is unlikely that experts would recognize this frame as important if he and
really was not.

However, this does not bring researchers closer to solving the mystery
Loch Ness, moreover, in all this time it’s not even received
high-quality photo and video about the mysterious monster. Not
мудрено, что скептики уверены в том, что вся возня вокруг Notсси,
publicity stunt in order to attract as many tourists as possible.

However, the mouth of the baby, as they say, speaks the truth,
perhaps, with the help of his hands, the Higher Forces, who are not capable of deception and
let alone mistakes …

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