The British are confronted in supermarkets with�Plastic cabbage

Modern citizens are increasingly moving to refined food.
– harmful and therefore significantly reducing our lives. But
it turns out that in supermarkets even fruits and vegetables can be
artificial or mysteriously unnatural.

This is exactly the situation the residents faced
UK, using the services of supermarkets. For example,
a certain Tina DeMill from the city of Weston-super Mare acquired in the trading
Tesco system cabbage brand Redmere Farms.

While cooking dinner from a purchased head of cabbage
was surprised at the stiffness and unnaturalness of cabbage leaves, as if
they were plastic. Tina tried to set fire to the leaves of gas
lighter, and the “cabbage” began to melt and smell like the most common

After making a video of this video, the Briton posted it on the Facebook network, but
her great amazement, her compatriots are Internet users
not really struck by what happened, because the same “plastic
cabbage “in recent days, many people bought in stores
Foggy Albion.

The British naturally have a question: what is it and how
is that possible? If it is a model cabbage, then how is it
flooded the Tesco supermarket chain, and if not dummy, then what
what kind of vegetable is it? Who and where did he manage to grow it? In the lab what

Currently, a strange cabbage checks itself
Tesco supermarket, and the British are waiting for a sensible comment on
this occasion from not only the administration of the trade network, but also
environmental scientists …

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