The British are scared by the Russian “ghostlyfighter “

Domestic military has just presented the first Russian
stealth fighter as the West immediately got excited and was not jokingly
frightened by this promising development, which is currently only
trials. So, the fifth generation multifunctional fighter
�”Su-57″, according to British journalists, is another
confirmation that the Russian Federation is building up its military potential on
against the deterioration of relations between the Kremlin and the White House.

NATO’s military “Su-57” bears the code name “fire-breathing dragon”
because of their combat power, and the British styled the offspring of the Sukhoi Design Bureau
«призрачным fighter “, поскольку самолет практически невозможно
discover radar. Some time ago the media
United Kingdom information already called the new Russian
the fighter is the envy of any air force in the world,
stunning its lethality for the enemy.

Recall that at the moment Russian engineers have created 10
flight prototypes of the Su-57. Representatives of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation are planning
adopt one of these fighter patterns at the end
next year, and its serial deliveries begin by 2019.
Stealth technology allows domestic aircraft to be almost
invisible to enemy radar, improved engines
significantly increased the speed of its movement compared to
predecessors, and advanced weapons make the Su-57 the most
undesirable, fantastically invulnerable enemy in the air

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