The British called an ambulance, confusing the statue withby man

Severe frosts and snowfalls that hit the UK
caused not only tragic, but also comic situations bordering
something beyond. For example, the British city of Newcastle-under-Lyme
called an ambulance, finding that a girl was frozen on the bench,
although in fact it was a statue made of metal.

This was reported by medical service worker Katie Tyudor. By her
In opinion of the townspeople from the cold, it was not only hands that became cold and
legs, but also brains. At the same time, she explained, the ambulance workers
are obliged to respond to the challenge in any case, even if they
they suspect that he is false-naive, because on the bench, next to
the statue could be a really freezing person.

Specify that the statue (see photo), depicting sitting on
bench girl with a letter in hand, was installed in the city park
Newcastle-under-Lyme in 2014, in time for the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First
world war. The composition depicts a tragic situation when
a woman receives a notice of the death of her lover.

Surprisingly, not all citizens still know that this is a statue (and not
a living person) “nestled” on the bench, and her stillness
due to far from bad weather, but too “long waiting”
his man, who died at the front.

However, on the Internet, where the recognition of Katie Tudor appeared,
Apparently with the aim of more attentive attitude to the calls
help “, there were also jokers. One of them advised medical
workers also check the top of the column at Trafalgar
Square, since he also allegedly noticed there some kind of frozen
guy (famous monument to Admiral Nilsson installed in

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