The British River mysteriously changes itsColour

British environmentalists are shot down with
to sense. Some streams arising from the Great Ouse – fourth in
the length of the river of the United Kingdom – steel for some unknown reason
окрашиваться в неоновые оттенки синего и зеленого Colourов.

While scientists can not find a rational explanation
what happened because any traces of chemicals in the river
are missing. Nearby mysterious creeks there are no factories and
plants that could put into the water dyes. Authorities
unsuccessfully survey the closest industrial areas, trying to
find the culprits of the alleged pollution.

Dr. James Ebdon, working as an expert in
Environmental Microbiology at the University of Brighton, says
that the main waterway of eastern England has behaved before
suspiciously — nevertheless, Great Uz was not detected
no chemistry

Residents of the English county of Cambridgeshire have repeatedly reported
чиновникам о странном изменении Colourа реки. Now experts
worried about this especially when it became known that
several dogs that bathed in “neon” streams got sick, and
veterinarians are also shocked – they cannot determine what the infection is
picked up the unfortunate animals.

Of course, this mystery can have a very prosaic otgadku –
for example, someone comes here and illegally dumps into the water
coloring waste. However, some devout British giving interviews
told reporters that they could be foreshadowing the end
Sveta. Say, although many religious sources say
that before the Apocalypse of the river boil and become blood-red, their
Colour наверняка может быть и другим.

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