The British travel company will send passengers tomysterious cruise

Travel company “Saga” from the UK decided
to organize a very unusual trip for their clients.
Cruise ship called “Saga Safae” will be released in November
next year from the port city of Southampton on the south coast
United Kingdom, and the further route of the ocean ship
will be an absolute mystery to passengers. The ship can sail on
south to the tropics, to the cold waters of the north Atlantic, or anywhere else

The cost of a mysterious cruise is far from small. In real
moment a popular travel company already sells tickets for the price of 4784 pounds
Sterling for one place on Laner. If you transfer this amount to
Russian rubles, it will turn out almost 360 thousand. In cost
tickets included drinks, meals, parties, excursions on
liner stops and cabin maintenance. However none
the buyer will not guess where he goes along with 719
other lucky ones. On board the Saga Sapphae, besides everything
other things, there is a swimming pool, spa, several restaurants,
library, gym and mini golf course.

I imagine the shock of tourists, if they are brought as a result to
Omsk or Saratov, one of the Runet users is joking.

After the Titanic, I would not be too British
trusted, writes another.

Clearly on fuel they want to save. Where the wind blows –
there and float, reports the third.

All this is a joke, but in fact a mysterious cruise is quite
attractive event, and it is possible that in the future such
sea ​​travel will become the norm …

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