The builders of the pyramid aliens? The pyramidsbuilt aliens?

Инопланетяне построили пирамиды

Since time immemorial in Indonesia, the inhabitants of one of the mountain
areas on the hills were engaged in farming, not even knowing that
they walk on one of the greatest mysteries on earth. Bye one of
German scientists did not pay attention to these hills. After
conducting relevant studies, it turned out that the earth’s
hid the pyramid, whose height exceeded the size of the Great
pyramids in egypt. Yes, and by age, she was older than her
Egyptian counterpart. The discovery of such an outstanding artifact suggests
the idea of ​​the presence of some highly developed civilization, about which
modern historians hitherto unknown. A number of ufologists expressed
opinion about the likelihood that the aliens built the pyramids. AT
unlike the Egyptian pharaohs, the Indonesian rulers are unlikely
had the same technical and human resources. Who same
then was able to build such a grand object? Answer to this
the question may take us far beyond the limits of the earth’s orbit.

Aliens: the pyramid of Cheops and other pyramids

Инопланетяне и пирамиды

Recently it became known that aliens have a direct
attitude to the construction of ancient pyramids. And not only those that
are in Egypt in Giza, and the pyramids, carefully constructed by
around the world that are identical in size and that
created in such a way that man could never recreate
identical construction. Therefore, aliens are a pyramid and riddles,
associated with all this – are inseparable from each other. But why
the aliens were building pyramids on Earth if they flew to us
to visit? Why should they transform our planet if they have
own? This is at least strange. It is for this reason that ufologists
carefully study all the “inheritance”, which left us
aliens, hoping to understand why they needed the pyramids, why
they exactly match the mass of the stars, and why the pyramids at Giza
completely identical with the constellation of Orion?

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