The camera on board the ISS has recorded a strangevote

A moderately well-known domestic conspiracy theorist and researcher
supernatural phenomena Valentin Degterev made another
interesting discovery, this time giving in a few
uncharacteristic for themselves sphere. Enthusiast claims to have watched
live webcam transmission on board the International Space
stations and suddenly heard something amazing on the air and even
somewhat frightening. Описать это можно только как «vote
ghosts or stranger. “

This event happened on the night of October 2 of this year, when
ISS flew over the Indian Ocean. At the orbital station was
completely quiet, and the astronauts were clearly asleep, but at certain times
moment webcam suddenly recorded in the midst of death silence
странный vote неподалеку от себя. Like someone said
in English: “Dancing, dancing till you drop,” then laughed loudly and
immediately subsided. Несмотря на то что vote похож на человеческий, он
severely distorted.

Degtereva’s discovery caused a lot of questions among curious
users Runet. Who uttered this mysterious phrase? What is she
mean Finally, where did the webcam onboard the ISS microphone come from? Is it
is she needed? After all, these are just unnecessary signal waste,
sent by a recording device to Earth. Could it happen
so that the audio spontaneously “wedged” in the recording? If so, then
this is clearly a true mystic. Or, perhaps, really
about alien tricks? ..

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