The camera recorded the ghost near the stationambulance in Orsk

The mysterious video shown below was taken at the end
last month, a surveillance camera at an ambulance station
assistance in Orsk. Amazing video shows incomprehensible clot
darkness appearing from the garages and floating to the house
the guard.

Ominous blackness passes through the wall, takes blurry
human outlines and heading towards the station. Frames
accompanied by comments and exclamations of surprised staff
medical service. By the way, they say that the local guard
with my own eyes I saw this or similar in the dark
a ghostly figure, but no one believed him at the time. And so
you – video confirmation of his words …

Skeptics, of course, argue that there is no
a ghost, but only an insect crawling on the camera lens. AT
possible supernatural occurrence does not convince them even
the fact that the prospective comer is like
peeks out of the guard window, and then shifting to the entrance to the

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