The camera trap “hunted” for the fox, and capturedghost soldier

A resident of the American city of Durham, Maine, Tia Wilson
asserts that the very present was strolling in her garden recently
ghost. This, they say, happened on July 8 at about 9 o’clock

According to the woman, not so long ago she began to suspect that on her
The plot is being dropped by a fox. To see this, Tia and her spouse
installed a camera trap near the house that responds to movement,
and left with friends on a hike. Returning from rest, the couple looked
the shots taken by the automatic camera and was perplexed
when one of them was mysterious whitish human

According to Wilson, she immediately intuitively understood that this was about
silhouette of a soldier. After talking with the neighbors the next day, an American
learned that in her house, built in the beginning of the XIX century, there was no time
there lived a man named john. He fought in World War II, a,
returning home, offered his lover to marry him.
She first agreed, but at the last moment unexpectedly
changed my mind and did not come to the wedding. Grieved john lived in this
home until death, so not marrying anyone. Tia sure that
the camera trap recorded in her garden exactly the restless spirit of this
lonely unhappy person.

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