The car of the doctor who began to treat himselfpeople

Kind-hearted village doctor Gustavo Gomez traveled half a century
in the hills of northern Brazil in their old Ford pickup 1948
year of release, healing those who can be helped, and giving an easy
death to those who cannot. All his adult life this man
dedicated to helping others and doing his work even for free,
if the patient was unable to pay. Unfortunately in 1995
year, the doctor so adored by his fellow countrymen died on the 76th year
of life.

Amazing Medic Car

However, the Brazilian case, however surprising it may seem,
continued … his car. Many of us will be very hard at it.
believe, however, the medic’s car itself suddenly learned to save
people от различных хворей. This is confirmed as colleagues of the deceased.
Gustavo and Ford healed patients. Incredible property
the truck was discovered quite by accident, and the news immediately
became sensational. Alejandro Duarte, who also worked at the time
local doctor, says:

I understand how incredible and wild it sounds, but
However, this is the true truth! I saw hundreds with my own eyes
farmers who miraculously passed tooth and head
pain, heals quickly, allergies, colds disappeared. Person
climbed into the cab of a pickup truck that once belonged to Mr.
Gomez was just sitting there, and the disease left after a few minutes
him. I and other doctors even joked that this old piece of iron
takes away our work. We have never seen anything like it, and
if someone told me about this, I would consider this person

For many patients, Gustavo was almost holy, and sit in
his “Ford”, turned into a kind of relic, was considered
a great honor. Someone will say that played a big role here
the psychological factor and the placebo effect, however the testimony of others
Doctors say the opposite. Colleagues Gomez countless
once fixed, as sick people sat in the car, and left her
perfectly healthy, as if no illnesses they just had
It was. Official science is unlikely to be able to explain this phenomenon.

Has the spirit of the virtuous doctor moved into the car?

In his youth, the doctor had a modest office in the city of Manaus,
the capital of the state of Amazonas, but in 1948 a man bought a pickup truck and
began driving around the neighborhood, rendering low-income farmers
medical assistance. For a week a Brazilian sometimes drove up to 500
kilometers For a huge number of local residents Gomez was
the only doctor they could afford. If a
the peasant could not pay the doctor money, he gave Gustavo
vegetables, fruits, berries, eggs or poultry. If a и в этом у пациента был
disadvantage, it was served completely free. Hence the universal
love for a kind and disinterested medic.

23 years ago, the doctor died, and the grieved residents of the village of Turuncua,
where our hero was constantly visiting, they asked to take him beaten
car as a reminder of this man with a heart of gold.
A few weeks passed, and strange rumors about
miraculous properties of the car. It became known that if
sit in his cabin, then you can get rid of almost any
illness, no matter how hard and incurable it is. That’s what
the official and good friend of the late Domingos told reporters

People come here hundreds of miles away only for
in order to be in this car. It cures, in my opinion, everything:
from indigestion to tuberculosis and even
cancer. Some people are almost dying, but they are healed.
as if by magic. Villagers believe in pickup
Gustavo’s spirit settled, even after death not stopping to heal
compatriots. To believe it is not so easy, but I
Through my eyes, I saw how rusty Ford did more for the sick than
modern medicine. Here you can not help thinking about the fact that miracles are in
our lives are quite possible. After all, there are killer cars,
why not be a car-doctor?

Alas, where the car is currently, wide
the public is not known. Whether peasants hide unique
an artifact from strangers, or the machine is already “dead”, like its
original owner. Many researchers are supernatural
phenomena are looking for four-wheeled friend Gustavo Gomez,
in order to personally verify the veracity of the rumors, but to no avail. So
or otherwise, the legend of the amazing healing pickup still
alive However, it is quite possible that the “iron doctor” is still alive, just
Brazilians are hiding (cherishing) him, as he – just think about it –
1948 release! ..

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