The caretaker of one of the cemeteries of Syktyvkartold about something strange

Caretaker of one of the cemeteries of the capital of the Republic of Komi
told reporters a very unusual and frightening secret related
with her position.

Valentina, who has been working here for many years, tells
that with tension and fear awaits Easter, because
it is then that the “gates to another world” will open here. This is the name
Syktyvkarka gave an incomprehensible supernatural phenomenon itself.

According to the woman, at certain times of the year the deceased
begin to enter the churchyard in huge numbers and no one
able to find this rational explanation. It continues from
Easter to the Day of the Holy Trinity. At this time, the cemetery, they say, works
literally day and night, and the funeral is held one after the other, more
and several at a time. Local workers work without
stopping, not being able to even sit down to rest.

According to Valentina, the list of the dead becomes
The period is almost endless. Visitors coming to the forties
their deceased loved ones are amazed at the sight of rows of new graves. AT
April and May, which are the most disturbing and complex
months in this work, none of the cemetery workers for this
the reason for the holidays does not take. Every year, the staff of the churchyard morally
get ready for the “active season” and sadly whisper about
future difficulties, and even threaten their own authorities

Everything dies at this time: from children to old people, and so it happens.
without exception every year. That this is just a big coincidence,
no one in the cemetery believes. There were, of course, materialists,
who talked about the fact that spring is a time of exacerbation of chronic
diseases and climatic instability, however all of them
abandoned their skepticism, cost them their own eyes
See how the dead begin to arrive one after another.

By the way, believers say that they die on Easter week
the righteous. It is believed that everyone who leaves this world in the Light
the week, going straight to Heaven – to the brightest Heaven.

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